Y: Yogurt

Yogurt...it has been eaten all over the world for hundreds of years and has many health benefits, but you either like it or you don't. I happen to like it very much. But you can keep the artificially-sweetened, corn-starch-thickened, 'lite' varieties. Instead, I'll go for the plain Greek variety and drizzle a little real maple syrup on top. When I want more of a treat (and here comes the local spin), I'll indulge in the Noosa Yoghurt, made Aussie Style at the dairy that delivers my milk--the one I blogged about two Mondays ago in M: Milkman. It's very creamy and rich and delicious.

And how about that frozen yogurt? It was popular years ago and has made a big comeback, with one important difference: it's now self-serve. Fro-yo sounds like it should be much healthier than ice cream, but fill up a bowl the size of a batting helmet and cover it with candy, and...not so much. (I always think of the Seinfeld episode where everyone starts gaining weight eating what they think is fat-free frozen yogurt.) I still love it but have to be careful not to love it too much.

One more post tomorrow for this year's A to Z!


orneryswife said…
I like yogurt in certain things. My favorite is over granola and fresh strawberries. I am with you, though. None of that "lite" stuff with artificial sweeteners in it. Blech!
Ann Hinds said…
I never considered filling up a baseball helmet with frozen yogurt. We have one that the boy outgrew. Great idea!

Actually, we love Greek yogurt but I have not tried it with maple syrup. Sounds good.

Yummmy! Yogurt is my fav :)
D.G. Hudson said…
I've been a yogurt fan since my college days. My roommate introduced me to it.

It's great for the skin and tummy. Greek yogurt seems easiest on me (lactose intolerant).
Susan Kane said…
The best yogurt I have ever eaten is in Switzerland. I was there last summer, and wished I could have filled my suitcase with those cartons!
I did yogurt for Y too! Love your X in the sky. Thanks for coming by my blog today. I'm' late on visiting other blogs, as my dad has been ill. But I'll catch up!
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