V: Volunteers

V is an under-appreciated letter, I think. So many wonderful words start with V--velvet, vortex, vixen, vanilla, velociraptor, vestibule. But I want to use today's post to send some love out to all the people who give freely of their time to make my hometown--and the world at large--a better place.

Fighting fires, facilitating festivals and races, maintaining parks and open spaces, providing meals and transportation for the elderly, knitting baby blankets and hats, fostering abandoned pets, sorting donations at the food bank, collecting supplies for the homeless, helping out in schools and museums...the list goes on. This community would not be what it is without volunteers, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Fort Collins Volunteer Fire Department--July 4, 1887
Fort Collins History Connection


orneryswife said…
Ah, that is an excellent V word, although I would love to have seen what you would do with velociraptor! :)

Closing in on the end of the challenge--so glad we've made it!
Kate said…
Hey Jenny,

Great V post and here here! I awhole heartedly agree!

Thanks for stopping by my blog The Tales of Me, way back on letter T. I've had a crazy week so really behind on my post visiting, trying to catch up now.

Kate :)

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