W: Wintry Weather

I had a different post in mind for W, but having gotten three feet of snow at my house in April--more than we got during the entire year of 2012--has inspired me in a new direction.

The willow may weep for spring:

The resident squirrel has had a hard time traversing the fence:

Sporting events and repair projects are postponed left and right:

But the snow means much-needed water, which will hopefully mean fewer wildfires. And with 70F temperatures in the forecast for this weekend, we can all quit our whining about winter and welcome the warmth.

Hope you have a wonderful W day!


orneryswife said…
Ugh. I can imagine how ready for it to melt and move along you must be! Winter seems to be hanging on much later everywhere this year. We are always done with freezes by now, but one night next week the forecast predicts a 32 degree temp. I am ready for some actual SPRING weather--before we jump into summer. Glad for the moisture, though. The whole country seemed to be in drought last year. Happy W day!
Unknown said…
I have a friend who lives in Golden who has also been getting tons of snow...hellllo long winter delay! :)

Here's my W post, I'm a wee bit behind in visiting blogs that have visited me:

Susan Kane said…
Oh, man. I don't know what to say to help you. Winter, will it ever leave!
Ann Hinds said…
Yesterday keeping score and running the snack bar at the ball field (sweating), I thought about your winter pictures and wished that we could average out both temperatures and enjoy perfect weather.

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