U: Utility Cabinets

As part of the Art in Public Places Program, the city works with local artists, schools, and non-profits in transforming industrial-blah-green utility cabinets into mini-murals. One of the benefits is the reduction of graffiti on these otherwise blank canvases. But the biggest benefit, in my humble opinion, is having something fun to look at in areas that don't normally lend themselves to visual arts, such as alleys, parking lots, and busy intersections. Some are abstract, some are realistic, many are whimsical. All are colorful and make me smile.

Diane Findley
Ren Burke

Barry Quinton Lee
Gale Whitman

Amelia Caruso

Michael Allison


Unknown said…
I live in Ft. Collins and this is awesome! I can't believe someone else in town is doing A-Z! I have photographed some of these very utility cabinets. One of the local artists who has painted some of these, as well as some murals in Old Town, is actually helping some students at my son's middle school paint a mural right now! I'm off to check out your other A-Z posts!
Mark Means said…
Thoser are very cool. When I lived near Cincinnati, they used to have differently decorated pig sculptures all over town.

Down here in Vero Beach, Florida, it's the same thing, only with sea turtles.

I think things like those always give a city 'character' :)
That is so cool. What a wonderful idea! :)

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