M: Milkman

Happy Mid-point Monday! We're halfway through A to Z, and I'm having a lot of fun visiting new blogs and old favorites. Everyone is doing such a creative job working through the alphabet. I'm impressed, as usual.

Coincidentally, Monday is also milk day for my family.

When I was a girl, we had milk delivered to our house in the wee hours of the morning. My sister, who is two years older, considered being awake for the milkman a triumph of childhood. Kind of like catching Santa Claus in the act. So of course she would wake me up to share in her moment of pre-dawn glory. All I can remember is the sound of his boots on the porch (very Santa Claus-like, as a matter of fact) and trying to focus my bleary eyes out our bedroom window for a fleeting glimpse of his green truck. It has become a fond memory, which we still laugh about.

These days, I get milk delivered from a different local dairy, whose name, Morning Fresh, also conveniently starts with M. They've been in business since 1894, grow their own alfalfa for feed, and make sure their cows are happy and healthy. 

Our delivery happens in the afternoon, which is much less magical and mysterious, but it made it a whole lot easier for me to snap a photo of the milk truck in front of my house.

Moo, everyone. I hope your third week of A to Z is off to a magnificent start!


Unknown said…
I grew up in Queens, NY and I remember mom having milk delivered. It would be at the door when we woke up and both my parents would take turns using the cream that was always on the top for their coffee.

I now live in upstate NY and there is not milk delivery but your blog brought back some nice memories.

Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter.
Tracy said…
Wow milk delivery! I never have had that although I've been to dairy where the cows are and gotten it directly from them.

Anonymous said…
Yes milk was delivered when I was young but no one delivers much of anything now. Lucky you to get fresh milk :D
Susan Kane said…
Milk Delivery is making a come-back here in San Diego area! My sis-in-law gets a crate of 5 gallons delivered every week (she had 3 teenagers).
Mark Means said…
That is very cool and sounds like something from the 1950s. I didn't know anyone still did milk deliveries anymore.

I'll have to check and see if that goes on around here.

Left and Write
Trisha said…
My dad used to be a milkman :) When I was little I would go around with him while he worked. I remember getting free choc chills from the dairy.
Rita A. said…
Wow. I didn't think anybody delivered milk anymore. I bet it's a lot better than supermarket milk too.

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