S: Seasons

Welcome to the last full week of A to Z!

Even though I don't enjoy being too cold or too hot--my ideal comfort zone is about 70 degrees F, plus or minus five degrees--I'm happy to live in a climate that has four distinct seasons. I like watching how the plants and animals adapt to the changing of the thermometer. I like having both flip-flops and furry boots in my closet. I like watching my sons swimming in the pool or making snow caves in the back yard. I even like how the seasons occasionally get a little mixed up, as last week when we had about two feet of wet spring snow. I think that when I'm older, I won't want to deal with Old Man Winter. But for now, seasons make me happy.

Here's a photo collage of seasons that I did for a blog challenge last year:

Thanks for stopping by on S day!


orneryswife said…
I totally agree with your comfort zone! That is me to a 'T'! I also enjoy the changing of the seasons, and some feature of each one. My favorites are spring and fall, mostly because they are filled with more of those 70 degree days!

Happy S day!
Nice picture! I also love having four seasons since moving to New York.
A month of Blog...

I love the seasons in CO...although it looks like it is going to go straight from winter to summer this year...i can't believe yet another snow storm is blowing in. I know, I know we need the moisture, but I really could use some of those 70degree days. :)
Susan Kane said…
72 degrees is perfect.

Colorado in the fall (or anytime of the year) is so beautiful.
Unknown said…
I like to be a little chilly - love the fall!

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