B: Billiards Anyone?

My husband was one of those lucky kids who grew up with a pool table in his basement. When he was in college, he took a billiards class as one of his PE credits. I teased him about it then--I still do--but he has the last laugh because he beats me every time. We don't play all that often these days, but when we do, our favorite place is "poolside" at Coopersmith's, a brewpub in Old Town. It has lots of windows and exposed brick and nice tables. And the beer is good, too...though I don't do so much of that anymore, either. 


Silvia Writes said…
While I don't play much (like you, I lose everytime :)), I enjoy visiting places like the one in the picture and have a cold one, watch my husband play.
Lovely article, hope to read more throughout the A to Z Challenge.
Silvia @ Silvia Writes
Marcie said…
I am returning your visit to my blog.

I am a bit too clumsy to win in billiards ;)

Good luck with the challenge.

Marcie @ Marcie's Postbox
Mark Means said…
I love playing pool. I'll never forget the first time my dad and I went to play pool together. I was 16 and thought I knew it all. He proceeded to run the table -then- tell me how he grew up in pool halls...something that, until that moment, he had never mentioned.

A great memory, thanks! :)
SpacerGuy said…
You need a steady hand and a keen eye to play pool. Its a game that sharpens the senses, probably why Twain played Billards.
LA Nickers said…
Looks like fun!

Happy A-Z!
Liz A. said…
Billiards for PE? I wish I went to that school! (I was stuck doing marching band.)
Graciewilde said…
I love playing pool! The only pool table in this small town right now is in a hmmmmm ......sleazy bar. But I still get a kick out of playing there on RARE occasions! Looking forward to reading more from you!
This is something my husband and I haven't done in a long, long time. It's great fun.
liz young said…
In the UK we say that an expertise at billiards is the sign of a mis-spent youth. I suppose if you grew up playing at at home, you didn't get drunk doing it!

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