X: X in the Sky

Sorry this is late! I left it as a draft instead of publishing...

On March 31, as I was anticipating the next day's start of the A to Z Challenge, I stepped outside and saw these crossed jet contrails overhead:

I took a picture, just in case I didn't come up with a better post by the time X day rolled around.

Obviously, I didn't. 

I feel a little better knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words. But seeing as how there are fewer than three hundred English words that start with X, I'd have to get pretty creative to make it all the way to a thousand. 

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Two more letters to go! 


Ann Hinds said…
Well, you taught me something. We see contrails a lot when we travel but I doubt that I would have seen it as an X. I need to start looking more closely. I think I"m overlooking the obvious. Great picture!

Mark Means said…
I've seen quite a few contrails, in my day, but never remember seeing an "x" configuration with them.

Pretty neat!
Silvia Writes said…
Talk about stepping outside when everything is going right (at least as far as preparing for the Challenge). That is a great photo.

Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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