I: Ice

Today's post celebrates ice in some of its many forms.

There's this kind, of the frozen fountain:

This kind, aka rocks:

The winter recreation kind (Is that me or Tonya Harding? Impossible to know!):

The sporty kind (As in the indoor football team based in Fort Collins.):

And who doesn't love this kind? (Not mine, but I wish.):

But my favorite kind of ice these days is this kind:

because for the first time ever, I have a refrigerator with an ice maker. That's right, ice at my fingertips, with no refilling and twisting of those drippy, stubborn trays. I'm feeling pretty spoiled, my friends, I must say. And Dr. Oz (who may or may not live behind a curtain in the Emerald City, I'm not sure) says that drinking eight glasses of ice water a day boosts metabolism enough to burn off 70 extra calories. At that rate, I'll have to drink a bathtub of it to burn off the chocolate I just ate, but I suppose every little bit helps.


Unknown said…
Cute post! We disconnected our ice maker; to noisy! But I agree about the water, we have wonderful cool well water so that helps.
baygirl32 said…
I like the shiny kind and the drinky kind :)
Anonymous said…
good post on the theme. I put ice into all my cold drinks I like to crunch on the cubes lol
Susan Kane said…
Great theme: ICE in its dif. forms
liz young said…
No refilling of ice trays, just remembering to refill the reservoir! Cheers, say I with a brandy and soda in hand!
Tex said…
Freakin' YES. When I was a kid, I so wanted a house with stairs and a fridge that made ice and water. I was cruelly deprived of both. They always told me that stairs are dangerous and fridge ice is unsanitary.

But now that I've turned thirty, I'm finally going to do it. I wanna die at the bottom of the landing with a glass of filthy ice shattered around my body: it's the American Dream!

So with that said, way to live the dream! (And remember: drinking more water also burns more calories when you get up to go to the bathroom. Bonus!)
Archana said…
I recently used a fridge with a ice maker and found it a great boon. This is a unique post!
I'm so jealous. I've never had an ice maker or a refrigerator door that spits out crushed ice. I'm still battling those darned plastic trays.

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