P: Panhandler's Pizza

Flashback to high school: My then-boyfriend-future-husband and I sitting in a little restaurant eating pizza before heading back to school (maybe in my awesome...ly  embarrassing blue-and-white Ford Pinto wagon) for our afternoon classes.

Fast-forward to the present: my then-boyfriend-current-husband and I sitting in the same little restaurant eating pizza and telling boring stories to our two sons about how we used to eat there in high school.

There aren't many restaurants around town that my husband and I have been able to eat at in the same location for thirty years. Panhandler's--or Pan's to the cool kids--hasn't changed much in that time. Near the university, it draws a college crowd but also lots of families and nostalgic too-young-to-be-old-timers like us. It's not the place to go for a fancy big salad. (That always makes me think of Elaine from Seinfeld. "Do ya have a big salad?") But the pizza--thick crust or thin--and the atmosphere are always great. We will eat there forever.


Unknown said…
Yum nice memories

Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter

orneryswife said…
Yum! That looks like some tasty food! Wish I could find a spot like that here.

Happy P day--maybe a good day for some pizza!
barnalisaha said…
Your delicious post made me go and grab a pizza:-)

Lovely post:-)
Unknown said…
I think every kid had their own pizza hang out, mine was Carmella's. Yours looks like a nice place, enjoyed hearing your childhood memories of the place.
Susan Kane said…
The other day we passed a SHAKEY'S PIZZA, and couldn't believe it.
c.b. said…
That looks like a nice and cozy place to eat, (and the food looks great).

Happy A to Zing! :-)

Looks like a homey place! I love old-school pizza joints. When I lived in NYC, I visited a lot of them, but the one I miss the most sold an amazing Sicilian-style pizza, thick crust, cut in a rectangle, with no cheese, just a thick layer of tomato sauce and polka dots of green pesto in a uniform pattern on top. Delicious. I wish I could find something like that in my hometown!
Unknown said…
Heh Heh, I just ate here a few weeks back, after about a 25 year hiatus. Was every bit as good as I remember.. although we used to eat at the Panhandler's at Scotch Pines Village a bit more than the one at Campus West. They also used to come to Fort Collins High School one day a week for what they called "Pizza in the Park". Great Memories!

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