Z: Zephyr Zinfandel

Z Day! We made it, bloggers. Kudos to everyone who stuck it out and is planning on catching some zzzzs now. In anticipation of this day, I celebrated on Saturday night with a glass of local Zephyr Zinfandel wine. 

A zephyr is defined as a breeze from the west, and we have a lot of those on the Colorado Front Range. (We also have a warm Chinook wind that comes down from the mountains, and I'm not exactly sure what the difference between the two is.) From 1955-1992, Denver had a minor league baseball team named the Zephyrs. In 1993, they moved to New Orleans. 

But back to the wine. The grapes are grown in California, and then they are brought here and made into wine by elves with tiny fedoras and purple-stained feet. Okay, not so much with the elves. I imagine the wine is made in the normal fashion, whatever that is. I confess that my wine palate leaves much to be desired--I could not taste the difference between blackberry and plum if my life depended on it. So I'll defer to the label, which describes the wine as follows: "Zephyr Zin has fruity aromas of raspberry and cranberry. Robust berry flavors mingle with licorice and pepper spice." That works for me. It was very tasty. 

So, A to Zers, stick a cork in it. We're done. But do plan to come back next year!


betty said…
Great way to end the challenge!!! It was a fun one indeed!

liz young said…
Those wine buffs talk a lot of tosh, in my book - you either like it or you don't. We like Spanish rioja.
Well done on reaching the finishing post - me too!
Linda King said…
Great post and great pictures! A major tragedy befell me last year when I developed an allergy to wine and, it seems, most alcohol! I'm thinking it's probably sulfites as I'm allergic to sulfates as well! I'd love to be able to glug that glass down - it looks so lovely and richly red!
Nice to 'meet' you - thanks for reading my blog during the challenge :-)
Janna said…
Very nice, I love the descriptions of wines, all those notes and undertones. Normally I rate it on how long the bottle lasts around me. I've enjoyed your posts. I'll be mentally drink a glass of wine tonight.
MJ said…
Congrats on completing the challenge!
-MJ http://creativelyspiltink.blogspot.com/
Nate Wilson said…
I'm more of a white guy (as anyone who's seen me dance will attest), but with a name like Zephyr Zinfandel I'd have to try it. And I'm sure my wife would love it.

And I don't believe I ever knew the Zephyrs started in Denver. The things you learn reading about wine.
Tia Bach said…
I love wine as your last A to Z post. So fitting. I hope you had a nice glass to celebrate making it.

And thanks for visiting my blog (I just moved to MD from Superior, CO... I miss CO so much!!).

Deb said…
Thanks for visiting my blog today and congratulations to you as well.
I've not tried Californian wine as yet. We have such a huge variety of our own wines here in Australia it's hard to deviate over to wine from another country. If I can get my hands on some I may just try it.
I really enjoyed reading your blog, I especially liked your W one, those photos are lovely.
I'll forever have this picture of a little elf with purple feet squishing the grapes that made my favorite wine.

Hope you enjoyed your A to Zing as much as I did. I'm still visiting new blogs though...

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