W: Walk, Don't Run

Whenever I see people out running, I have the fleeting urge to join them. In reality though, I find running to be painful, exhausting, and tedious. And I'm slow. Really slow. When the bears come down from the mountains and stage their uprising, I will most assuredly be chased down and eaten.

But I do love to get out and walk. Four of my favorite local walks are:

Strolling in Old Town. Yes, the fact that I'm usually eating ice cream while I do it cancels out any health benefits, but it makes for great people-watching.

The Poudre River Trail. Shady and green alongside the river, it's really lovely.

Cathy Fromme Prairie Trail. This one is close to my house, and my neighbor friend and I head there as often as possible for a power walk. Every summer, we see at least one rattlesnake on the trail, which really gets the heart rate up.

Walking to school. I've been walking at least one of my two boys to elementary since the older one started there eight years ago. He has since moved on to middle school, and my younger son, now a fifth grader, certainly doesn't need me along. It's only a half mile, with no busy streets to cross. But I'm secretly thrilled that he still allows me to accompany him. He's chatty in the morning, and we have great conversations. Next year, when both boys are in middle school, I will be demoted to chauffeur only. Although I'll appreciate not having to put on real pants before 9 a.m., I will sorely miss the morning walks.


liz young said…
So don't give them up! Set a schedule to walk as soon as you've put the car away or something - your body will thank you for it. Oh, and avoid holes in pavements or you'll end up with a mass of bruises like me!
Susan Kane said…
Would love to go walking along those places.
betty said…
First time I'd see a rattlesnake on the path would be the last time I'd be on that path, LOL :)

But I do like the thought of walking along that river!

How sweet with walking with your son(s) to school; lots of great times to talk indeed!

Julie Flanders said…
I love to walk too, and these look like great walks. Love the pics. Thanks for coming by my blog, it's great to meet you!

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