E: Eggs

When my boys were little, they were allergic to eggs. They've grown out of much of that, but they still think eggs are among the most disgusting foods on the planet. (Unless, of course, they're mixed into brownies or something equally delicious.)

I disagree--but not about the brownie part. I like eggs and am glad they're not verboten in a balanced diet. But I try not to buy eggs that have come from sad corporate chickens. Luckily, the Fort Collins municipal code allows for the keeping of up to six chickens per appropriately appointed parcel. I have no desire to do this myself (insert sound of hens--and my husband--sighing with relief). But a friend's daughter is raising chickens and selling eggs to earn a little pocket money, and I am delighted to support her emerging entrepreneurship.

Easter, the egg's favorite holiday, is coming up soon, so here's a bit of holiday trivia: Since 2008, the International Association of Bomb Investigators and Technicians has helped to provide beeping Easter eggs for visually impaired children.


liz young said…
That's a bit sinister - beeping eggs provided by Bomb Investigators. Do they explode unless the visually impaired children defuse them properly? :)
Ruth said…
Beeping eggs sounds like a decent idea. Do they all have a distinctive beep. I'd think it might be confusing if there were a bunch going off at once. Probably not or they wouldn't do it.
I buy my eggs from a local farmer. I would like my own chickens one day.
Inger said…
There is nothing as good as eggs from free ranging chickens, particularly if they are your neighbors. I like the idea of the beeping eggs.
MJ said…
I am a little leary of beeping Easter eggs provided by bomb investigators. Sounds like the start of a good horror story.
-MJ http://creativelyspiltink.blogspot.com/
Amy said…
I considered this as my blog entry for today too! I have to admit I'm a bit of an egg fiend, having been known to eat up to 5 a day during one time (though I was climbing Kilimanjaro so I could justify the extra cholesterol.) I really like the personal aspect to your posts so far, I suppose I'm nosier than I gave myself credit for. :p
D.E. Malone said…
I had chickens when I was younger, and gathering the eggs was one of the best parts of the day! I'd have chickens now if could get around to buying a coop.
Love the beeping eggs idea!
Jenny, Colorado is such a beautiful place. I was there for the first time in the fall, Colorado Springs. What an amzing state! Coloring egs is so much fun!
Brendan Carroll said…
Eggs, of course, how appropriate. Very nice.
My husband won't eat eggs, but I like scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, omelets, and best of all, deviled eggs.

It's been many years since I've colored eggs for Easter, but I do remember how much fun my kids had doing it...and I do remember the mess they made. :D
I only buy cage-free eggs, and especially if they are from a family-owned farm in the area. It's a good way to support the local economy, and to make justice to the happy chicken :-)

Nice post.

Dina Thanki said…
Lovely post, I do love a good poached egg :) I think I ate too many chocolate ones over Easter so I'm not too keen on them right now

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