F: Foxen

Fort Collins has plenty of these foxes (or, as my friend Jeremy calls them, foxen):

I live in town, but I've seen foxes in my neighborhood many, many times, which I love. I'm sure it helps that I don't have a wandering cat or snack-sized dog to worry about. (That's a free image, by the way, not my picture.)

But we also have the Fort Collins Foxes, of the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League. It's a wood-bat league for collegiate players who come here to live with host families and play ball during the summer. The players also participate in kids' clinics, which, as I have seen firsthand, is a great experience for the kids.

But the best part is taking the family out to a local park to watch baseball on a summer night. (Photo credit: Fort Collins Foxes)

On an unrelated "F" note, my forsythia bush was really pretty this year:


liz young said…
Not being American I don't follow baseball, but the forsythia looks wonderful.
pensive pumpkin said…
love that the fox has a baseball in his mouth.

come back soon! i promise i post alan rickman photos all the time. *swoon*
I love seeing the foxes in town as well. Did you see the photo I took of the fox balanced on my fence?
Apparently foxes are on the increase in Vermont where we live. We saw one last winter traipsing through deep snow - very pretty.

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