U: Uneeda Lunch Cafe

Considering the ups and downs of the economy, a restaurant that stays in business for twenty-five years is doing pretty well. Four times that is almost unheard of anymore. Old Town breakfast and lunch favorite The Silver Grill, northern Colorado's oldest continually operated restaurant, recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary by returning to its roots as Uneeda Lunch Cafe. Just down the street from what was then the town's jail and firehouse, Uneeda Lunch evidently had a colorful clientele--so much so that coffee was free for police officers, in the hopes that their presence would keep some of the less law-abiding customers in check.

Of course, the area has changed a lot in a hundred years. The firehouse is now home to offices, a bookstore, and a tea shop. There's a Starbucks across the street. But The Silver Grill still has lots of old-time charm. And its cinnamon rolls are legendary. 

For this anniversary, the waitstaff wore what football teams would call throwback uniforms. The menu included German Toast (the original name for French Toast), Beef Croquettes, a hominy scrambler, and the Unsinkable Molly Brown Bread Panini. Boiled hominy was a first-class menu item served on the Titanic, which, as you probably know, sank 100 years ago. (Find the story of Titanic passenger Margaret aka Molly Brown, here.)


betty said…
I bet those cinnamon rolls are delicious! Cute name too for a place to eat! Great U!

Lily Cate said…
I love restaurants with history. And they are rare these days! We have one nearby called Frank's, a train car diner that has been open since the 20s. I so plan to be there for their 100th anniversary!
Jeremy Bates said…
I like going to older laces like these. The food has to be good for a mom and pop diner to stay in business.

By the way, I bought 4 cinnamon rolls yesterday from a German baker in Manila. With added butter from home they were delish! I ate only one though, not all as my brain requested.

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