S: Streetmosphere

This summer will be the third year for Streetmosphere in Fort Collins. This signature program of Beet Street, our local organization promoting arts and culture, brings free live performances to street corners and plazas all summer long. Performers audition and are paid; local businesses help provide funding through sponsorships and advertising. It's a great way to give artists and performers of all ages a chance to get out and strut their stuff. Last year, an estimated 120,000 people stopped to watch. I was among them, and I'm looking forward to seeing as many of this year's 63 performing acts as possible. 

For today's bonus "s," I'm very glad that spring has arrived in Northern Colorado. (Apologies to anyone in the southern hemisphere.)


Janna said…
I love street festivals, and always try to find a few to visit during the summer. Beautiful photo.
Martha said…
I love festivals too. Gorgeous photo! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
betty said…
Gorgeous piocture of the trees in bloom! So glad spring has sprung in your part of the country! Festivals are always fun to go to and participate in!

have a great rest of the weekend!

Unknown said…
Streetmosphere - fabulous word. Great blog, especially your pictures. Glad I stopped by.

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