K: Kansas City and Other Kitties

Kansas City Kitty is the name of a fun independent boutique in downtown Fort Collins. It's quirky and cool and carries locally made and/or hard to find items, such as these record albums reincarnated as bracelets:

But I found the retro-Easter-bunny-child-mannequin to be strangely creepy....

As far as domesticated animals go, I'm a dog person. But my neighbors have a pair of black-and-white brother-and-sister cats that have stolen the feline portion of my pet-loving heart. Their names are Sadie (top) and Mux.


liz young said…
Kitties! Snap! And that bunny-child looks as if it's lurking.
Hi Jenny -- I'm trying to get caught up on my A to Z blog-hopping, but it's not easy. More people sign up for the challenge every year.

As for kitties, I have Katie Cat. I guess I should have written about her from "K" instead of kayaks. :D
Martha said…
I completely agree that the mannequin bunny child is totally creepy!! The kitties aren't creepy at all though, they stole my heart too just seeing their photos :)
Catch My Words said…
Interesting photos. I agree the kid in bunny suit mannequin is creepy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Catch My Words
They are handsome fellows. I am equal- give me dogs and give me to the cats. That's how it works.


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