O: Oak Street Plaza

When early Fort Collins was laid out, the north-south streets were named after prominent citizens, and the east-west ones were named for trees. So, we have an Oak Street, even though we don't have the majestic live oak trees that are so common in the southern United States.

Our Oak Street dead-ends in a small plaza that is a wonderful spot for all seasons. Spring brings flowering trees and lunches under colorful umbrellas. In summer, dancing fountains keep kids cool and entertained while their parents listen to live music. Fall offers an Oktoberfest celebration. In winter, Tuba Christmas and Trumpet Christmas serenade shoppers.

On the south side of the plaza sits what is affectionately known as "the old Post Office." Currently home to the Fort Collins Museum of Art, the former post office was built in 1912 on the site of the town's first burial ground, the Post Cemetery. With a story like that, it's no wonder the building is allegedly haunted.


Sharkbytes said…
Thanks for the tour- sounds like a nice space. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com
I walked through the plaza once last year and found a young woman signing opera accompanied by one guitar and one keyboard. It was such a lovely surprise that I hung out for a while to listen and relax. One more reason to love Fort Collins.
farawayeyes said…
Lovely post, great theme. I lived in Colorado for almost 20years. Been to FC many times. Moved so much it's hard to think of anyplace as home, but Breckenridge works for me.

Nice to meet you.
liz young said…
I am tempted to visit Fort Collins!
nutschell said…
these are great pictures! oak street plaza sounds like a nice place to visit.
Happy A-Zing!
Kittie Howard said…
I'm delighted you found my blog, Jenny. At the end of a very long day, your tour of Fort Collins brought a contented sigh. Hub and I visited Fort Collins about six years ago and had THE best time. The weather was gorgeous and the plaza charmed. Somewhere is a flick of the old post office. For directionally challenged people like me, I wish more places had street names like Fort Collins.
Janna said…
I've just read through some of your other posts and you've convinced me, I need to get out to Fort Collins.

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