M: Mini Margaritas

Fort Collins is becoming known as the Napa Valley of microbrews, but for my money, it's hard to beat a good margarita. However, as I am increasingly becoming a lightweight/cheap date, I can't drink a whole one anymore. That's why I appreciate that one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, known locally as The Rio, offers extremely tasty mini margs. The restaurant also has one of the best patios around for summer chillaxin.

I frequently agree with the famous quote attributed to Oscar Wilde--"Everything in moderation, including moderation."--but where tequila is concerned, believe me, I know who's boss.


David Macaulay said…
thanks for the recent visit. I am slow at catching up with comments. Interesting blog. I'll definitely follo


D.E. Malone said…
Now I'm in the mood for a mini marg and it's only 8am!
liz young said…
How mini is it? Difficult to tell from your photo in which it looks gorgeous. Me, I like lemoncello as made by my Italian neighbour.
Yes, everything in moderation saves us for another day. :)

D.G. Hudson said…
Margaritas-icy-are one of the few drinks that I like. I prefer the original, but any berry is good too.
Clint said…
I would like to thank you so much for stopping by my blog//:) As for Margaritas now I am in the mood, but I do not have the stuff to make one. What a great choice for M.
Displaced said…
Hey there Jenny - One of my fav people in the world lives in Fort Collins so you are already up there for me!!! Thanks for stopping by Gonna Eat Worms I appreciate your comment. Can't come at the Mini Marg but the Microbrew works for me!
Cheers from Australia (BTW I was in Denver around 4th of July last year!)
Rebecca Bradley said…
The photo doesn't look very mini, but it does look very yummy!
My father used to quote, 'everything in moderation' as I was growing up. I didn't understand it at the time, but now see the sense of the thought behind the words. Keep blogging!

Anonymous said…
Those are totes adorbs! I love a good Margarita. Can't believe we are already to the letter "M"!
DayDreamer said…
Never tried a margarita but those do look good. Enjoy your chillaxin :)
Andrea said…
Oooh, yummy! W went on a margarita tasting walk, and they were all very small samples, but it was perfect for me! Thanks for stopping by my place!
Anonymous said…
I'd need two of those. HA- so I guess a regular sized one would do me well! :)

Love the photos!

I like the idea of mini-margaritas too. I don't order a regular size anymore because it's too much...and I drink it anyway.

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