N: Neighbors

I know the realtors’ mantra is “location, location, location,” but even the best home location can be tarnished by bad neighbors. So kudos to all the neighbors out there who look out for each other, who water tomato plants, feed guinea pigs, track down stray dogs, collect mail and newspapers, find a use for surplus zucchini, drive slowly, fire up the snowblower, and in general create a sense of community.

I’ve been in my neighborhood for ten years, and a handful of my neighbors have, too. We’ve marveled at how fast kids grow up, we’ve had friends come and go, we’ve had a few bumps—but not too many. We’ve watched movies outdoors on summer nights, picked up trash, and bought girl scout cookies and boy scout popcorn. Beer and margaritas have been consumed. My neighbors are part of the reason I’m always happy to come home.

The City of Fort Collins has a Department of Neighborhood Services, with all kinds of resources to help ensure that neighborhoods stay fun and friendly. Grants are available for projects and parties which foster positive neighborhood relationships. This year’s annual Neighborhood Night Out will happen on August 2.


Came by via A to Z challenge:
How wonderful it must be to live where neighbours are good, I just got a letter from
the owner of my apartment complaining that I must stop feeding the birds. How mad can life get?
I enjoyed reading your post. nice to have met you.
Southpaw said…
It's amazing how neighbors can really make sure a big difference to your life at home.
Jenny said…
Stop feeding the birds? How sad!

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