G: Ghost Signs

A ghost sign is a painted exterior wall advertisement, often faded over time to the point of being a virtual apparition. Downtown Fort Collins has many wonderful examples. This city document, Apparitions of the Past, is a fascinating look at the ghost signs, including the history of our painted wall signs and the “wall dogs” who painted them.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the ‘Albert Damm Bitter’ beer at Coopersmith’s, but I never made the connection between it and the ‘Damm’s Bakery - Confectionary’ sign on the wall above the Silver Grill. Albert Damm came to Fort Collins from Germany and opened the bakery here in 1877. According to Fort Collins Yesterdays, by Evadene Burris Swanson, the baker’s estimated earnings in 1878 were $4,500, “higher than a blacksmith, a harness maker, and a saloon keeper.” I wonder if the bakery sold cinnamon rolls…?

Mystery Photo:
As part of last Friday's April Fool's post, the mystery photo was of the Golden Gate Bridge. I have been there, but I used the picture that came pre-loaded on my computer.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


Anonymous said…
Love to see these signs. Always makes me smile and remember when.
Murees Dupè said…
Great pictures and a very cool post. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
M Pax said…
I love the signs. Fabulous. You have a neat blog. I've never been to Colorado, but my husband is from the Pueblo area.
Amy Wood said…
I didn't realize they were called ghost signs. Fitting name. I love seeing those!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck on the A-Z challenge!
Jenny said…
Thanks for visiting and for the comments! I'm glad other people appreciate the ghost signs, too.
zeller press said…
looks like the sculptures right off Prospect and 25. Near the Prospect Ponds I think?
Jenny said…
Yes, the sculpture at Riverbend Ponds on Prospect. Nice work!
mama c said…
I too, love these old reminates of days gone by. These would make great posters for Ft. C!

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