L: Libraries

It’s National Library Week, so I’m sure I’m not the only A to Z blogger who chose Libraries as the topic for today. But I’d still like to lavish some love on my local Poudre River Public Library District. I really would be lost without it. And I'm excited to see how our Main branch (pictured) will look after the expansion.

In keeping with April’s alphabetical theme, here’s a list of some of the many wonderful things my library provides:

Author events
Book club kits
Colorado history
Downloadable books
Election information
Family storytimes
Graphic novels
Harry Potter parties
Interlibrary loans
Jazz concerts
Knowledgeable staff
Large print books
Movies (and popcorn)
New releases
Owl mascot
Puppet shows
Renewals online
Summer reading programs
Teen writing classes
Used book sales
Vampires (not real ones…as far as I know)
Worldly wisdom
Xylophone music
Young adult fiction
Ziggy, Zeus, Zelazny, Zathura, zithers, zydeco, zebras, and quite a few Zeldas.

I hope you’re loving your local library this week, too!


Amy Wood said…
Great post! Love the A-Z list. Nice job! I love my local library too. I'm there almost every day picking something up or dropping something off. I would be lost without it.
Julie Flanders said…
I'm a librarian myself, so I love this post! I've always loved my local library, I can't imagine life without it.
Cricket McRae said…
The library provides a calm, quiet environment in which to write, and I'm spending time there almost every day as my deadline approaches. Great post -- and love your A-Z list!
Jenny said…
Cheers to all the library fans!

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