Welcome Back, Class of 1983

My husband and I graduated from the same high school, he a year ahead of me. Because he is Normal--not an anti-social, Facebook-eschewing, couldn't-care-less-what-98%-of-my-high-school-class-is-doing hermit like me--he enjoys going to his reunions. And because I can occasionally be convinced to mingle with the Normals, I go with him. 

10 years was awful. Everyone was just the same, except they could legally drink (and did so to excess) and all called me by my sister's name. (That's a teeny-tiny pet peeve of mine.) 20 years was slightly better. People had kids and more life experiences, but they still talked an awful lot about the glory days of high school...and called me Amy. 

So when we heard from a friend that the 30th was coming up, I didn't want to go. And my husband did. 

If you watch baseball, you may be familiar with the term "playing under protest." That's the attitude I adopted toward this reunion. I didn't get a haircut. I didn't buy anything new to wear. I didn't try to lose five pounds, and, what's more, I didn't  worry about not trying to lose five pounds. (Even though, in all honesty, I could stand to lose five ten pounds.) 

Yeah, I'd go to his reunion. But I wouldn't enjoy it. (Side note: I am not normally this passive-aggressive. I don't think. Maybe I should ask.)

But, surprise surprise, I did have a good time. After three decades, it wasn't so much a high school reunion anymore. It was a gathering of old friends, who happened to attend the same high school, sharing stories about kids, divorces, jobs, even grandchildren. There were a lot of laughs, hugs, and handshakes. Yes, the weird ones were still kinda weird, the drinkers still drank, the talkers still talked. And talked. But most everyone seemed grounded, comfortable in their skin, older and definitely wiser. I was actually glad I went (shhh), and it was almost enough to convince me to go to my 30th next summer. We'll see. 


Tracy said…
I haven't gone to any of my reunions and I don't think they even know how to find me. The only reason I would go back is to show all those people that ignored me that life treated me a whole lot better once I got out of there.

orneryswife said…
Ornery went to one reunion and took our daughter--then a teenager--with him. Everyone thought she was his WIFE! He never went back and I haven't ever attended any of mine--if they have even had them.

Good that you enjoyed yourself. I know I have certainly changed in the 30something years since I was in school!
Jenny said…
Tracy, I think a lot of people are in that same boat. I feel sorry for anyone who peaked in high school!

OW, that's truly awkward. I hope you all were able to laugh about it!
HS reunions - ug! I hated my 10th and didn't even bother with the 20th. College reunion, on the other hand - that was a blast!

Jenny, I hope you'll join us again for the Coffeehouse this month. Here's the link: http://armchairsquid.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-cephalopod-coffeehouse-june-blog.html
Suze said…
I liked this post a lot, Jenny. Pleasant reading. :)

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