Photo of the Week: Painter's Pants

Happy Friday yet again! Sorry I missed my Wednesday post. I was going to write about playing in my first tennis tournament (me, who has never ever ever played a competitive sport) last weekend with my younger son. But there weren't enough teams signed up in the beginner bracket, so we didn't get to play. It turned out okay though, because my husband and older son ended up playing five hours of tennis together--in the hot June sun, no less--and frankly, I just don't have that kind of stamina and/or attention span.

Anyhoo, here's my photo of the week: 

I never see anything but clouds and birds through this kitchen window, and the sight of the headless house painter up there on his ladder was impossible to resist. I had to make it quick, though, because if he'd have busted me with my camera...well, that's a tiny bit awkward, yeah?

Apologies for not visiting many blogs lately. I'm going to try shake off this summer blog-fog that's settling over my brain and get out there again. Anyone else having a hard time staying plugged in...?


Graciewilde said…
Terrific photo! I like it.
For me, this is the productive blog time. The sun and warmth of summer energize me - that and the fact that get to take a 63 day break from my day job. I can breathe in the summer and the ideas and words flow more readily.
Jenny said…
Sounds wonderful. The lack of a schedule during summer just leaves me feeling scattered. More so than usual :-)

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