Colorado Disc Dogs

Last weekend, I thought to myself, what better way is there to kick off summer than with dogs? Leaping after flying discs? Why, there's no better way, I tell ya. And though my dog is very sweet, she is also old and lazy and would leap for no less than a flying disc made of bacon. (New from Wham-O: The FrisBacon!)

So it's a good thing the Colorado Disc Dogs were in town for a little friendly competition. In 1999, a few smaller Colorado dog-and-disc clubs came together to form CDD, and happy dogs and their owners have been throwin' and catchin' at their competitions ever since. 

In case you can't tell from the pictures, this is one of those events that is simply fun to watch, unlike, say, golf. (Which would be much more interesting if dogs were allowed to chase the balls. But that's just my opinion.)

Sometimes, the dogs don't cooperate exactly how their humans would like, but that's all part of the experience. Most of the canines were extremely focused, like this gal

and seemed to be having a great time. Even without bacon. 


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