Natural Areas: Mallard's Nest

Tucked between Spring Creek and the Spring Creek Trail, Mallard's Nest is a fun little natural area for jumping on rocks, bird watching, and taking in the sounds of the tumbling water and the baseball games at the park nearby. (But be sure to step off the trail to do those things, or run the risk of being flattened by a speeding bicycle.)

The area was inundated by a very damaging flood in 1997:

And, I'm happy to report, it is indeed frequented by the eponymous waterfowl:

Have a great weekend!


Kittie Howard said…
What a lovely photo of a proud duck surveying his kingdom. Sorry I haven't been by lately -- life being life, I'm trying to get caught up.
Jenny said…
Thanks, Kittie. I'm also trying to get back in the blogging groove. I thought it would happen in May, but now it's June!
Unknown said…
Ah, Colorado! Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a good weekend too.
Tina said…
Hey Jenny,
Thanks for stopping by at Life is Good today. It seems familiar here...since I went to CSU, so I apologize if I did a fly-by during the Challenge and don't remember...still recovering, actually. I remember that flood well. We had already moved to Longmont, and I was in town to visit a friend. I was on College, got re-routed, went to Lemay, got re-routed and realized this wasn't a traffic thing but something much, much sad. I've biked this trail many times, though I've never run over any sight-seers ;-)
Tina @ Life is Good

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