Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a mountain community about 3 hours northwest of Fort Collins. After promising to make a trip up there all summer, we finally made it last weekend. James Crawford first settled there in 1874, and in 2010, the town's population was about 12,000. The area is home to many natural hot springs, the bubbling of which reminded early French trappers of steamboat engines. 

Steamboat is a mecca for winter sports, but there is a lot to do there in the warmer seasons, too.

Hot air ballooning (which we didn't do)

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Riding the chair lift to the alpine slide

View of Steamboat from chairlift

Hiking to Fish Creek Falls

We also visited the botanic garden and wetland boardwalk, shopped, and ate entirely too much barbecue. Good times.


liz young said…
I just love rocky rivers.
Jenny said…
Me, too. And these are the best kind of rocks: big and relatively easy to hop around on.

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