Friday Photos: Burn Zone

We recently drove up through part of the burn zone of this summer's High Park Fire. We didn't see any of the structures that had been destroyed, but I was struck by how close the fire had come to many of the homes that were still standing. Most were no doubt saved by the efforts of the firefighters, but I'm sure good luck helped out in some cases. 

At one point, this was the view out my car to the right:

And to the left:

The pictures look like they could have been taken miles apart instead of just across the road. It was rather eerie. But we also saw lots of evidence of new growth on the ground and know that in a few years, the area will look very different.


That is eerie! That wasn't a very fun start to our summer here was it? I'm sure the home owners there would second that. Glad things are on the mend.
liz young said…
You have reminded me that I should visit our burned areas on Mount Teide too before I leave for my month off the island.
Inger said…
That's so scary and your pictures are amazing. We had two this summer, one in the canyon, another threatening it for a few days. Nothing came of it and I am so grateful for the huge efforts of the fire fighters.

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