Photo of the Week: Moose Moose Baby

Just a few minutes after leaving the Moose Visitor's Center in Gould, Colorado, feeling disappointed that I hadn't seen hide nor hair of a moose, these two crossed the road in front of our car. Moose don't have very good eyesight, and I don't think they saw us coming. Thankfully, my husband's vision is just fine, and he spotted them in time to slow down. I'm glad I had my camera handy, because the moose apparently weren't interested in sticking around to have their portraits taken.

(If you're old enough, you might now be humming the 1990 Vanilla Ice song Ice Ice Baby, which was stuck in my head for the rest of our drive. If you don't remember that one, there's always YouTube.)


liz young said…
I think I'm actually TOO old to remember the song - way past my time!Have you stopped humming it yet?

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