Doggie Olympics

If you heard an unusual amount of happy barking last weekend, it might have been because the Larimer Animal People Partnership hosted its 17th annual Doggie Olympics. (Sadly, it wasn’t in London, but I did see Corgis fit for a Queen.) LAPP is a local non-profit organization which promotes positive human-animal bonds in therapeutic settings. Their services benefit children, victims of domestic abuse, the elderly, and many people with mental and physical health challenges.

Along with disc dog, carting, obedience, herding, and trick demonstrations, canine participants competed in a variety of events, including an obstacle course and a whole lot of tennis ball chasing. (I did not enter my special dog because there was no Laziest Mutt category, which she would have won paws down.)

I think there also should have been awards for:

Best Drooler

Most Prepared

Best Combined Profile

And Best "You are going to share that, right?" Expression


liz young said…
Our village fair has a "most like its owner" category and a "Dog the judges would like to take home" category.Personally I think being a judge must be more of a minefield than trying to judge a baby competition!
Jenny said…
I love seeing dogs that resemble their owners! It cracks me up.

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