Rough Summer

I usually try to keep my posts light because there are countless sources for bad news on the internet, but this has been a rough summer in Colorado. Voracious wildfires, devastating drought, and the unfathomable tragedy in the movie theater in Aurora have left me feeling beleaguered. Anxious. Sad.

But I honestly believe that acts of heroism will always outnumber acts of terrorism, even if the former don’t have as long of a media half-life. Take, for example, this story of the New York man who caught a 7-year-old girl after she fell from a third story window. He didn’t want to be called a hero, but he is one. So are all the many people who have helped, and will continue to help, the fire and shooting victims and the farmers in my state.

The world can be a tough place, but one of the surest ways to make it better is to try and catch each other whenever we can.

Now, because I like dragonflies, here's a picture I took last year in Florida:


D.E. Malone said…
I just read a few days ago about the dragonfly being a symbol of courage, strength, and happiness in the Japanese culture. What an appropriate image to use on this post. Our small church has been thinking (and praying) for Colorado during the fires and after last week. Hoping your communities now have the time to heal and find peace.
Jenny said…
Thanks so much, Dawn.

I'm glad to know that about dragonflies!

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