A Jazz Experience

Last weekend was our annual Fort Collins Jazz Experience. It's nearly a week of jazz-related history, art, food, drinks, and live music. Much of it is free (not food and drinks, sadly), family-friendly, and outdoors in two of our great downtown plazas. 

Dave and one of the gypsies
While my husband helped oversee a baseball tournament, my sons and I spent some time in the Oak Street Plaza on Saturday evening enjoying gypsy swing by Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies and hot clarinet swing by After Midnight

After Midnight

The Jazz Experience is always a great event, and this year, the weather was perfect for chillin' with malts from our favorite ice cream shop while we listened to hot tunes. 

Vanilla or chocolate? Tough choice for me, so I had some of each.


Shaun said…
Looks like a really fun Day out.
Im more a vanilla person !!
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liz young said…
You clearly had a great time - a whole day of jazz must have been wonderful. How do they make malt drinks?
Jenny said…
Shaun, it is hard to beat really good vanilla.

Lizy, these malts are ice cream shakes with the addition of malted milk powder, which I think is made using wheat and/or barley. Sounds weird but tastes good!
All these great things are going on in Fort Collins. I wonder how the Old Town traffic will be impacted as the work continues on the Mason Street Corridor and railroad tracks.

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