Old Town Book Fair

My city hosted its first Old Town Book Fair last weekend. It was an enjoyable time--lots of new and used books to browse, beer (which I skipped), coffee (ditto; it was an iced tea day for me), and live music. Kids had a lot of fun with craft activities and the giant Scrabble board. (It's hard to tell from the picture, but the tiles were about a foot square.)

I attended a short-story writing workshop in a yurt (which I blogged about over at The Writing Bug). And I met local author Lori Juszak, who has written a book about Ghosts of Fort Collins

She and her family operate The Fort Collins Ghost Tour, and the book shares many spine-tingling historical and personal anecdotes about the restless spirits in Old Town and beyond. I bought a copy, and regardless of whether I believe all the stories, the book has forever changed how I look at some of my favorite old buildings. 

I have to admit, I'm a little too creeped out to join one of the ghost tours, but Lori also offers Gourmet Tours, including Just Desserts, Flavors of Fort Collins, International Food, and more. I'll definitely give one of those a try sometime.

I hope you have the opportunity to discover a few great local books wherever you are this summer!


I love books, and naturally I love book fairs. This sounds like so much fun, and I'm glad you and the kids had a good time!!
Janna said…
I want to go to a book fair! I went on my first ghost tour in Savannah this past March. There were a few times I got chills, but mostly it made it me really, really sad.
Jenny said…
Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra!

Janna, I bet a ghost tour in Savannah is interesting stuff. But ghost stories are often so tragic!

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