Friday Five

My story of how I got to Fort Collins goes way back to when I was just a wee oocyte. Maybe yours does, too. Or maybe not. For today’s Friday Five, I present “Five Reasons You Really, Really Want to Send Me the Story of How You Came to Live in Fort Collins.”

1. You’re sooooo bored at work right now;
2. You’ve always wanted to write a guest post for a blog, and that Huffington woman won’t return your emails;
3. We are never going to believe how you got here. Seriously. We’re not;
4. It beats filling out your tax return; and
5. You feel sorry for me (hey, I'll take it).

So, how about it? Write a paragraph or two and send your story to me at No attachments, please (yeah, I’m one of those people). I’ll post the stories on Fridays. I believe I did promise a giveaway, as well.

Mystery Photo:
I didn't think anyone would know this one, but Anonymous nailed it. Artist Terry McNerney's fun mural can be found at the new Mitchell Block building that houses the Bohemian Foundation. It’s across Walnut Street from The Armadillo restaurant.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


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