Friday Five

Goodbye to February! I’m never sorry to see it go because its departure means spring is that much closer.

Here are five things in Fort Collins that made me smile this week:

Reading the Coloradoan article about New Belgium turning 20;

Seeing the geese waddling around in pairs;

Having to wait for a man on horseback to cross before I could turn off of W. Horsetooth;

A little girl in pink hoodie doing somersaults outside Harmony Library; and

The beautiful weather. As my son said, “What happened to ‘in like a lion?’”

I hope you found at least five things to smile about this week.

Mystery Photo:
Last week’s photo was of the new Sunlight Peak Observatory on the Front Range Community College campus.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


Cricket McRae said…
Dang it, I should know where that photo was taken. But I can't place it.

I especially like that you had to wait for a man on horseback to cross Horsetooth. Were they in the crosswalk?
Jenny said…
Yes, they were right in the crosswalk...beautiful paint/pinto horse (I don't know if there's a difference...?)
Jessica said…
I honestly thought I was the only person who liked the geese! They always put a smile on my face. I like the prairie dogs too.

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