Week 10: CSU's PERC

Everyone needs a good oasis. The desert-palm-tree type is hard to come by here in Northern Colorado, but we’re fortunate to have many other peaceful places to stroll or sit with our thoughts. Or our iPhones. Or our coffee. Or all of the above. (We’re supposed to be multi-taskers now, right?)

On Sunday, I discovered CSU’s Plant Environmental Research Center at 630 West Lake Street. Never mind the fact that my “new discovery” has been there for 37+ years. And the greenhouses for 61. Yes, despite spending 4 years criss-crossing the CSU campus, I never made it to the PERC. (Of course, had it been adjacent to Old Chicago or the library, my odds would have been better.)

The gardens were established to benefit students, researchers, and other “interested persons.” My family and I counted ourselves among that last group as we wandered around on another one of our warm October afternoons. We began at the hedge collection:

Found some edibles at the end of their summer season:

Enjoyed the herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses:

And wended our way through the Arboretum, which has the largest collection of woody plants in the region:

The Annual Test Gardens were once located at this property but are now at 1401 Remington Street.

The few available benches are well-weathered, and the koi pond is not what you’ll find at The Gardens on Spring Creek. But there are many lovely places at the PERC to spend a few quiet moments. And maybe even put the multi-tasking on hold for a while.


Good job with the tweet, Jenny. That's how I got here today.

Your photos are wonderful, as usual. I visited the gardens earlier in the summer to enjoy the colorful flower beds. It's amazingly serene there, considering it's so close to College Ave. And as you suggest, it's a good place to set aside the multi-tasking and live in the moment.

Now must go back and retweet...
Anonymous said…
I've spent many wonderful hours wandering through these gardens. It is a little known treasure. Thanks for the reminder. I love the idea of your blog.
Jenny said…
Thank you Pat and Jean!

I will stop by the gardens again to see how they change with the seasons.
Unknown said…
Great pictures Jenny. What a wonderful discovery for our beautiful Indian Summer. I hope to make it there before it snows.
Jenny said…
Thanks, Sheri. Hopefully, we have many more days before the snow flies!

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