Friday Firsts

Here are some interesting Fort Collins Firsts (thanks again to Fort Collins History Connection):

1862 - First wedding in Larimer County, performed by F.W. Sherwood.

1862 - The first assessor made his first rounds of Larimer County and found $6,000 worth of property subject to taxation.

1864 - First doctor Timothy Smith arrived, set up practice, and selected site for post hospital.

1864 - First county fair held, with 300 exhibit entries.

1865 - First post office was opened in town, with Joseph Mason as postmaster.

1866 - First school held in Auntie Stone’s cabin and taught by her niece, Mrs. Elizabeth Keays.

1866 - Antoine Janis filed his claim for his land in the Cache La Poudre Valley. This was the first patent recorded in Larimer County.

1868 - First meeting of the county commissioners occurred, and Fort Collins became a county seat.

1872 - First Drug Store opened.

1872 - First law office opened by Ledru R. Rhodes in the Grout building.

1873 - Larimer County Express, the first newspaper in Fort Collins was published. Early copies of the newspaper were destroyed in a fire.

1874 - Mrs. and Mrs. A. K. Yount constructed the first brick bank at Linden and Jefferson-- "Yount Bank." Mrs. Yount took over and ran the bank after her husband's death.

1879 - First official mayor of Fort Collins named (Benjamin Whedbee)

1879 - First fireworks display in Fort Collins.

Happy Friday!

Friday Mystery Photo:
Where in Fort Collins was this picture taken?


This list of "firsts" provides a whole slew of story ideas. Nice post.

Don't know where the photo was taken, but looks like a cool spot to visit. I'll be back to get the answer.
Jenny said…
This photo was taken at the children's garden at The Gardens on Spring Creek. And it is a cool spot to visit!

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