Friday Five

I’m no restaurant critic (for that, visit the excellent Feasting Fort Collins) but I do like to eat out. Especially breakfast. Eating a big breakfast I did not have to prepare for myself is one of life’s great treats. Here are five of my favorite breakfast places, in order of the restaurant owners’ astrological signs. (Well, maybe, who knows? But most likely they’re in no certain order.)

Choice City Deli (104 W. Olive Street; website under construction): Yes, they do beer and steaks and all that good stuff for lunch and dinner. But they also do breakfast, and just as amazingly as they do everything else.

Snooze (144 W. Mountain Avenue): Fun, funky décor. Fresh, delicious food. Big coffee mugs that are nice to hold on to. And pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes. Even gluten free (yay! Benedicts, too).

McCoy's Morning Glory (1003 W. Horsetooth Road): I love being able to order a half-size omelet. The Sunday brunch has plenty of tasty choices and is reasonably priced. And my family and I can walk there.

Lucile's Creole Cafe (400 Meldrum Street): Fish, beans, and collard greens for breakfast? You bet. And more traditional breakfast fare, too, including biscuits the size of throw pillows. The spice tea is out of this world.

The Rainbow (212 W. Laurel Street) Eggs, bacon, tofu, tempeh, beans, brown rice, veggies, pancakes, crepes, granola, fruit…if you can’t find something for breakfast here, go back to bed.

If you have a favorite place to add to the list, please leave a comment.

Happy Friday!

Friday Mystery Photo
Where in Fort Collins was this picture taken?


jollygood said…
I'm going to guess that the picture was taken at Walrus Ice Cream...?

One of our favorite places to get breakfast is The Silver Grill. My husband always orders the same: trout & eggs and coffee. I'm a huge fan of their veggie Benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice.
Anonymous said…
I think it's the Mural off of Mountain behind the Clothes Pony? Am I close? Yes, have to agree with Jollygood, Silver Grill is a Old Towne classic, but need to get outside my box and try the others you suggested. Thanks Jen!

Kristin said…
Thanks for the shout out :) Snooze is pretty darn tasty and one of my top recomendations! But, I think my favorite place for breakfast is La Creperie.
Jenny -- check out this #noco daily news site:

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Jenny said…
The photo was taken at Walrus Ice Cream, one of our favorite places.

I've never tried La Creperie, but I know lots of people rave about it.

Thanks for the tips, Pat. I need to get tweeting one of these days soon.

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