Fort Collins Stories

Here are two more excerpts from “Talking About Fort Collins: Selections from Oral Histories,” a joint project of The Friends of the Library and the Local History Department of the Fort Collins Public Library (1992). Transcripts of the oral histories are also available at Fort Collins History Connection.

“The first oil well came on here November 11, 1923, northwest of Wellington. It was called the Scott Well. Another well was down here at the Whitaker place where the Country Club is now. It created a lot of excitement, and some of it was false. For instance, the Northern Hotel was owned by a man by the name of Withrow from Wyoming. He got excited and put a third story on the hotel, which broke him, because the boom died out very shortly.”
--Francis Gilbert Martinez, 1974

“The Northern Hotel was a very special place. It had marble in the foyer, and a beautiful stairway. That’s where the parties were held in town, the only nice place to go for dinner. When Ace Gillette and his wife Nell came to town and bought the hotel, they made a room called the Gilban Room, which was all red velvet and mahogany. The name Gilban came from the first three letters of Gillette, and the first three letters of banquet. Every Sunday night you could have a spaghetti supper there for one dollar.”
--Evalyn Prouty Hickman, 1992

Friday Mystery Photo:
Where in Fort Collins was this picture taken?


Anonymous said…
The Northern Hotel has gone through many transformations, hasn't it! It wasn't long ago when many of the windows were broken out and covered with boards and needed a new paint job. It's back to being the amazing building again.

I LOVE these oral histories. Thanks Jenny!

I think were are going to be seeing that building next Friday for Treatsavania - is it the barn at Lee Martinez Farm?

Marcie Johsnton
Jenny said…
This is a good guess, as usual, Marcie. But it's not at Lee Martinez.

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