Quick Trip to Moab, Utah

We planned to spend a few days exploring Moab during spring break last week. None of us had been there before, and it's only about six hours from home by car. Due to a few unforseen circumstances, however--including no hot water in the hotel, one son's head cold and what may have been a staph infection (lab culture was inconclusive), and not wanting to drive across Vail Pass in a blizzard--we ended up spending only one and a half days there. But we made the most of our time and saw some amazing sights in and around Arches National Park:

La Sal Mountains

My family under Delicate Arch (I was too chicken, so I stayed back and took the photo.)

The Three Gossips

Balanced Rock


I ran into a writer friend from home! Here we are with Tunnel Arch in the background.

We were disappointed that we had to leave early, and we've already decided that we need to go back and give ourselves waaay more time to do it right.


liz young said…
Stunning photos - and fancy meeting someone you know! It just goes to show you should always behave well because you never know who might be watching!
Jenny said…
I know, it seems like a small world sometimes, doesn't it?
mama c said…
That's one of my son's very favorite places to explore. Nice that it's so close! Have you seen the movie "27 hours yet"?
Jenny said…
No, I haven't seen the movie, but we did talk about it when we were there. I can't imagine....
Marcy said…
Beautiful photos. I'm sorry you had to leave early.

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