Picture of the Week: Go Rams!

Congratulations to the Colorado State University men's basketball team for their first NCAA tournament win in 24 years! Last night they beat Missouri soundly 84-72 and will now face the Midwest #1 seed Louisville Cardinals on Saturday. Here's what I hope will happen:

And, yes, I did just spend five minutes posing stuffed animals in my living room and taking pictures of them. It's spring break and I'm not feeling that productive, okay?

Anyway, good luck Rams! March Madness always brings one great Cinderella story, and my vote is for CSU this year. Maybe Coach Eustachy has a fairy godmother...


liz young said…
The ram's horns make it clear what he is, but is that pink creature a pig? As a Brit I have no idea!
Jenny said…
It's a cardinal :-)

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