Looking Back at 2 1/2

Mid-February marks the 2 ½ year anniversary of my blog, so I thought I’d take a quick look back. (Plus, I don’t have anything new for today. Such a slacker.) Choice City Native began as a self-imposed challenge. As a lifetime resident of Fort Collins, in the great state of Colorado, I wondered if I could spend a year doing one new thing a week in my hometown. I’m not a particularly adventurous person, so I knew my list  wouldn’t include sky-diving or body piercing. But I did see my first roller derby, take a balloon-tying class, try my hand at archery, watch a competition of (formerly) wild mustangs, have my picture taken with an Elvis impersonator, and almost take my boys to a head shop (yes, I am naive enough to think that 'glass blowing' meant Christmas ornaments, thank you very much).

I visited local shops and natural areas, and I treated myself to dinner theater with the preeminent food blogger in town and a cocktail with my husband at an underground jazz club. I also tried to do some good deeds by removing graffiti, helping at a senior (as in age) prom, walking for MS, standing on a street corner waving an election sign, and getting up really dang early to join in the International Hour for Peace. (For links to all my first year activities, click on the “New Fun: Year One” tab above.)

After the first year, I’d had so much fun and met so many nice people—both in person and in the blogosphere—that I decided to keep going. I’ve relaxed the rules a little and don’t always do something new. Sometimes, I don’t do anything at all. But I’m still getting out and keeping it local…for the most part. Thanks for visiting me, and I hope you enjoy a look at life in Northern Colorado.


mama c said…
Keep up the good work Jenny! We do love reading about all your fun adventures. My daughter started college (0n line) this week through Colorado Christian in Lakewood and plans to move close to campus late next summer. I'm so happy for her and her new husband because everyone should get the chance to experience CO!
barefootmeg said…
Love the photo with Elvis! :-)
Jenny said…
Right after that, he left the building :-)

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