Art in Bloom Art Show

We got 9 inches of snow on Sunday, which was very welcome as it will hopefully reduce our fire danger for at least a few weeks in the spring. And although the Loveland snow sculptors would have preferred to have the snow come earlier in the month, we’ll take it whenever we can get it. 

But even in the dead of winter, it’s always spring in a greenhouse. In fact, there’s something almost magical about strolling among the plants and flowers when the out-of-doors looks like this:

So I went on Sunday to Bath Garden Center for their second annual Art in Bloom. The idea behind this art show is for floral designers to put together arrangements that “recreate the essence” of paintings by local artists. It is such a great concept and makes for a unique and beautiful display. I was so glad I went, and I'll definitely try to catch it again next year. But I will go when it opens on Friday, because floral arrangements look best when they are very fresh. 

Apologies: I lost my notes, so I can't tell you with any accuracy the names of the artists and designers in the following pictures, but I'll list everyone who participated at the bottom of this post.

Floral designers: Nature's Grace Design, Hanna Style, Lace and Lilies, Finishing Touches, Florals by Rhonda, Faire Eliza's Flowers, Jordan's Floral, Kris Cowell, and Marcella Wells.

Artists: Gregory Mayse, Kevin Meredith, Amy Walton, Chelsea Glanz, Vicki McCargar, Michelle Heronema, Diane Edwards, Jaime Gastelle, Mary Ellen Nickodermus, Danielle DiFiore, Eric Siebenthal, Melissa Carmon Myers, and Trish Murtha.


barefootmeg said…
We only got three inches up in Old Town. My mom got 8 on the south end of town. I'm rather jealous of you both. It made a lot more sense to me that they had a late start on Monday when I found out how much snow the rest of town got.
I guess your feet are REALLY cold now. It must have felt a little surreal to be among the art and flowers when all that snow was outside the window. (Kinda like sitting in a hot tub when it's snowing.)
Jenny said…
Meg, it's crazy how different the the weather can be just across town. I wanted it to snow for two days.

Susan, all I can say is thank goodness for snow boots :-)

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