Garden Clean-Up Time

Last weekend, we had our first hard freeze in Northern Colorado. So, even though the temperature today is forecast to reach the 70s, my morning glories, which started out looking like this:

Now look like this:

Likewise, my squash:

Is completely squashed:

Because my husband kindly put the pots from the porch in the garage for a couple of days, it wasn't a total loss. But pretty soon it will be time to put those away, too.

I still like this time of year, though, when all the growing things are getting ready to rest for a while. January, though, is a whole other story.


My big pot of coleus folded like that, but the young lettuce in my garden is loving the cooler weather. I covered them for the hard freeze, then exposed them to the sun and rain and they're growing like crazy. I may have fresh leaf lettuce salad by the end of the week.
Jenny said…
I should try lettuce in the fall. Sometimes spring is already too hot for it, and it gets bitter so quickly. Hope your salad is delicious!

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