Friday Five: Local Haunts

I freely admit that I am a total wimp and have no desire to take one of my local ghost tours at Halloween or any other time of year. But if I wanted to test my courage in a few allegedly haunted places, these five would make the list:

The Northern Hotel
Ghost: A mother searching for her five-year old daughter who died in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

Old Firehouse
Ghost: Old West Gambler Jack Cassidy, who died in solitary confinement after being locked up for cheating at cards.

Linden Hotel
Ghost: Longtime area resident Frank Miller, a colorful artist, photographer, and marksman who traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

Trimble Court
Ghost: Businessman Ed Trimble, who built the Opera Galleria building in 1881 to house various cultural and civic events.

Old Railroad Station
Multiple ghosts include Annie, the mixed-breed dog adopted by the railroad employees, who greeted passengers from 1934-1948.

I’ve been to all these places, but not after dark…with ghost hunters…in shivery late October.

Hope you’re enjoying your local spirits of the season, if that’s your thing! Have a great weekend.

Interior of Northern Hotel

Old Firehouse


liz young said…
What a wimp! My daughter would love those places. There are hundreds more in England1
Jenny said…
Nothing quite compares to a haunted English castle, I'm sure :-)
Dean K Miller said…
I'll check them out're welcome to join me!
deathwriter said…
There's a great story on NPR's This American Life called "Giving up the Ghost" and it's about a writer going to a hotel that is supposedly haunted. It's pretty funny. I prefer funny over scary any day!
Jenny said…
Dean, maybe you can just tell me all about it :-)

DW, I missed that one--I'll have to track it down. And yes, give me endorphins over adrenaline, too!

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