Friday Five: Pumpkin Facts

When I was growing up, pumpkin was used for two things: carving at Halloween (and smashing, if you were one of those kids) and pies at Thanksgiving. Now, pumpkin has found its way into everything from lattes to ravioli to body scrub. It might be a bit of seasonal overkill, but I love it. I've yet to find a pumpkin product I don't like, and I'd much rather bake with pumpkin than slimy mashed banana. 

Without further ado, pumpkin facts as promised:

Pumpkins are grown on every continent except Antarctica;

The word pumpkin comes from the Greek pepon, meaning a large melon;

Illinois grows the most pumpkins in the U.S., and Morton, Illinois, home of Libby, is considered the Pumpkin Capital;

Pumpkin world records include the largest (1,810.5 pounds) and the fastest time carving a face into one (20.1 seconds);

A pumpkin is 90% water, which makes it low in calories and sodium. But it is high in fiber and beta carotene.

And a bonus fact, which I learned about a minute ago: if you type 'pumpkin' more than three or four times, it starts to look like a very silly word.

Have a great weekend!


nope said…
Cool! I didn't know that pumpkins were so global. I love that image of the witch--di you carve that?
Jenny said…
My husband carved it. He has more patience than I do :-)

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