Sunday Extra: High Park Fire

For those of you who aren't from these parts, there's a fire burning west of Fort Collins. Last evening, the smoke looked like this:

This afternoon, it looks like this:

In just over a day, the fire has grown from 2 to 14,000 acres...and is still going, with 0% containment. The winds and dry conditions are causing it to burn in an "aggressive" and "unpredictable" fashion. The smoke plume now reaches for 80 miles. My home is not in imminent danger, but hundreds of others aren't so lucky. 

Pretty intense stuff, and I'm hoping all firefighters, reporters, and evacuees stay safe and sound! 


D.G. Hudson said…
Fires are scary, especially when they aren't being controlled.

I second your hope that everyone stays safe.
Ghadeer said…
Wow, I can't help admiring how beautiful these pictures look
deathwriter said…
I keep reading about that fire. I lived in SW Colorado during the Missionary Ridge Fire and was evacuated for two weeks. It really put into perspective what was important. We left with our pets, some photos and ourselves. Thankfully, our house remained when we got back, but it sure was scary. Not to mention hard to breathe from all that smoke. I hope they get it contained soon.
Jenny said…
Thanks, jnana. Lots of people are out with their cameras these days.

Thanks, DW. I can't imagine what an upheaval it is to be evacuated! We're all hoping for more containment soon.

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