Friday Five: Flag Facts

Yesterday was Flag Day, and here are five facts for those of us who don't know as much as we should about Old Glory:

The flag has been modified 26 times since it was officially adopted on June 14, 1777. The current 50-star version (created in 1960) has been in use the longest.

After 1818, the star for each new state was added on July 4th after the state's admission to the Union. 

Until President Taft's executive order in 1912, flagmakers could choose their own proportions of the flag and placement of the stars. (I would have made a smiley face flag.)

It takes thirteen folds to produce the ceremonial triangular-shaped folded flag.

Flag Day is an observance, not an official federal holiday.

We still have quite a fire burning, and we're desperately hoping for rain this weekend. I'm so grateful for every one of the 1,200+ firefighters battling this blaze, and I hope they will continue to do the job safely! 


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