Snakes on a Trail

While out on a walk recently, my friend and I came around a bend and stopped short at the sight of two large--as in four- or five-foot-long--snakes stretched out across the trail. We'd seen rattlesnakes there before and assumed that's what they were. Not wanting to try tiptoe around them (snakes are way too quick and bendy) we stood for a moment discussing our options.

Then, using our Sherlock Holmes-ian powers of observation, we noticed a few things. The snakes' heads were smaller. Their skin, although generally the same colors as a rattler's, was shinier. And, lo and behold, they had no rattles. (Okay, so not Sherlock Holmes's best day.) They also didn't seem to mind moving on out of the way as we approached. Rattlesnakes tend to be a lot less cooperative.

When I got home and described to my husband what we'd seen, he told me they were bull snakes. My friend's husband told her the same thing. How did they know this? Is it a guy thing? I have lived in Colorado my whole life without seeing one. But now I suppose I could scratch it off my bucket list, if I had one. No doubt that a bull snake sighting would be somewhere way down the list, maybe between eating a cricket and seeing that movie where the snakes get loose on the plane. (What was it called again?) Oh, well. We get what we get. 

Bull a.k.a Gopher Snake



betty said…
I'm thinking I wouldn't be walking on that trail any more, LOL. Not a fan of snakes here. But glad you found out the difference between the two and weren't around rattlesnakes at this particular adventure. We had a snake that visited our backyard where we used to live at times. It was not poisonous, but there were rattlesnakes in the area so one had to watch out (mind you, this is in the middle of a big city).

enjoy the day!

liz young said…
The only snakes in Tenerife are human ones, thank the gods!
Jenny said…
Betty, I'm glad I haven't found one of these in my backyard!

Lizy, I think I prefer the reptilian ones :-)
Janna said…
I am fine with snakes, in the sense that I know they exist and serve a purpose, and that they are not our natural predator. That being said, I prefer them in the abstract.
I'm not fond of snakes no matter what kind they are, so I'm quite sure I would have backed away and found another trail to follow.
deathwriter said…
Me no like snakes. When I lived in CO, I don't think I ever saw a snake, but plenty of big furry spiders. If I had to choose between the two, I'd take a snake.

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