Gypsy Horses

I drove up north of town on Saturday for an open house at the Irish Rose Farm, home of these beautiful black and white Gypsy (aka Irish Cob) horses. These small draft horses were originally bred by the Gypsy/Romany/Traveler people (in Europe, Ireland, and the British Isles) to pull carts and wagons. 

The horses are known for their easygoing temperaments and long, thick manes and tails. The folks at the Irish Rose import, breed, and sell the horses, most of which also have confoundingly unpronounceable (to me) Irish names.

Due to the previous night's rain, conditions were unsuitable for the planned jumping demonstrations, but it was still fun to see the horses and the bowtop gypsy wagon (also known as a vardo or living wagon).


D.E. Malone said…
Beautiful horses! I love their coloring!
I might have to visit when I'm in Colorado in September.
liz young said…
A novel I'm working on at the moment has a strong gypsy theme, and that vardo is an excellent example.

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